Welcome to the FlashBack SDK

The FlashBack SDK makes it easy to add screen-recording and playback capabilities to your software applications. These functions are implemented via ActiveX controls that integrate with major development tools to make them easy to plug in to your applications and use.

Here are some topics you'll need to understand to get started:

Installing the SDK

The SDK supports a number of major integrated development environments. The links below give detailed installation instructions:

Installing on Visual Studio .NET
Installing on Visual Studio C++

Installing on Borland Delphi / C++ Builder


Licensing the SDK

To start using the SDK, you'll need to licence it with a free trial licence key from Blueberry.
For detailed instructions on this and buying full licences see Licensing on development PCs and Runtime licensing on end-user PCs.


SDK Editions

There are three different editions of the SDK, each offering a different set of features.

Basic Edition - screen recording and playback
Professional Edition
- screen recording, playback and limited editing
Advanced Edition
- screen recording, playback, editing and export


Distributing applications that use the SDK

In order to distribute applications that use the SDK, you will also need to distribute a number of files, depending on what features and classes you make use of.  See Distributing applications that use the SDK for more details.


The Base Classes
There are three 'base' classes that provide starting points for the functionality supplied in the SDK:

FBRecorder - enables screen recording.
- enables playback of recordings
- enables editing and export of recordings




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